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  Jerome China
My Life Is Scrap

My Life Is Scrap is a found and reclaimed metal art shop. We produce all sculptures and functional art from found and reclaimed metal.

  Angela Huggins
Angel Hugs 4 All Dolls and Gifts

I make handcrafted dolls for children as well as adults. I also teaching dollmaking to children at parties as well regular classes during the weekday and weekend. I also teach adults how to make dolls as well.

  Dawn McLaughlin
Positively Publishing

After twenty years of writing children's stories, Dawn McLaughlin decided to start her own publishing company, Positively Publishing. Understanding the lack of diversity in literature, combined with the lack of opportunities many children face, she chose to work with children to create unique books. These books are created with a child contributing as either an illustrator or an author. Positively Publishing creates books that give children a voice and an avenue to showcase their talent. These books, once sold also provide an opportunity for the child to create their own income, through royalties. The books are sold to Literacy Based Organizations who in turn distribute them to schools, libraries and in areas where books are lacking. Positively Publishing's mission is to create books for kids, by kids and to invest in their talents and imaginations, because they deserve to be heard and because they matter!

  Cootchill Nelson
Foolish Wisdom

Our business idea is to enter the music industry and manufacture the type of music that teaches the listeners of it the fundamentals of Christianity. We plan to use all genres to make learning the fundamentals of Christianity fun. To accomplish this we'll first build a strong business foundation and then help to establish artists seeking an outlet to convey the powerful, life-changing message that can reach various audiences of many different languages and cultures.

  Stephanie Romano

TRAASH wants you to think about waste in a whole new way. Founder Stephanie Romano offers handmade products created with repurposed materials; art workshops using recycled supplies; and access to a unique arts & crafts reuse shop located in Jersey City's thriving art community.

  Kimberly Sumpter
Wax Kandy

We create hand-poured highly scented container candles using premium quality waxes and fragrances to produce the ultimate "scentual" experience. We work in small batches to ensure that you receive a well inspected quality product. Wax Kandy candles are great for scenting any space in your home or office and can be personalized and for party favors, bridal and baby showers, fundraisers, and more! The "keepsake" collection is a unique way to memorialize a loved one. Visit us online at

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