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  Cherese Bracey
Reading Reaps Rewards

Reading Reaps Rewards is a traveling enrichment program, targeting the development of the whole child, with a strong focus in literacy. We help children in areas of learning through art, science, math, emotional development, and music. Helping children to love reading by making books their friends is our mission. Reading is the foundation of each area of learning which serves as the building block for success. Educational entertainment, clothing, toys, merchandise and music are tools used to spread the message that reading is fun and a very important element for achievement.

  Sandra Charlap
The Craft Loft

The Craft loft is a craft-making studio located in the “wilds” of Maplewood, N.J. We gather to create and make, but what is really accomplished goes beyond simply craft-making, and becomes community building. We have a beautiful and supply filled space with room for just 16 participants for any given workshop. By keeping our numbers small we engender conversation, shared creative ideas, blossoming friendships and a working communal studio. Our website is thorough and easy to navigate, so anyone who wishes to participate can quickly find a workshop that interests them.

  Evan Feil

Mountables are the iDeal iOS Wall Docking & Charging Solution. Mountables are designed and manufactured using a 3D printer by a mechanical engineering student at Stevens Institute of Technology. Mountables are currently sold online, but with your support, Mountables hopes to become injection molded and available on store shelves in the near future.

  Angela Huggins
Angel Hugs 4 All

Doll making parties and classes for all ages. Fabrics ribbons thread embellishments poured into an imagination and you will have a wonderful event! Teaching the children doll making will create a new skill, sewing! A skill they could be used for a lifetime and pass down from generation to generation. Imagine leaving a class with a completed project to cherish and call your own made through your own creativity.

  Ivy Jaquez.
Gypsy Shoppe

Hello, my name is Ivy Skye Jaquez and I create inspirational and whimsical art to bring out your inner glitter! I am a self-taught mixed media artist, who believes in creating art that uplifts the spirit. I crafted my business, Gypsy Shoppe, with the intention to sell art and other goodies showcasing positive affirmations along with playful whimsical characters. My hope is that my creations awaken the wonderland inside each of us, and inspire others to discover their own true greatness. The world is starving for beauty and positivity, and I make my small contribution through art.

  Isabel Veguilla
Little Frog Studios

Little Frog Studios is a children's media company specializing in books, games and animation. The first product will be a middle-grade adventure novel set in Puerto Rico. Our mission is to inspire kids to be creative and to use their imagination.

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