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  Tina Bologna
Just Jersey

Just Jersey is a retail store, school fundraising catalog and online marketplace whose mission is to grow the "buy local" culture and raise awareness about the value that small, independent businesses bring to their local communities.

  Melissa Buesing Glick
The Lucky Honeybee

The Lucky Honeybee is an eco-friendly company that creates candles and body products using renewable resource ingredients and recycled packaging. We believe in bringing our customers healthier and sustainable options at affordable prices.

  Aria McKenna
Revolution Earth

'Revolution Earth' is a steamy love triangle designed to be addictive, entertaining, and inspiring while empowering the transition to a green sustainable economy and planet. It is an optimistic view of the future - an anti-post-apocolyptic webseries - with a roadmap of how to get there.

  Dawn McLaughlin
Positively Publishing Kids

Positively Publishing Kids is a multicultural book publisher. We work with kids to create books. My business is addressing the lack of diversity in children's books and providing children with a source of income through royalties.

  Julianna Rodriguez
Rabbit Hole Gallery

Rabbit Hole Gallery is a community-driven project that showcases local artists and vendors alike in an effort to promote their work in exchange for providing workshops and classes to the public, free of charge.

  Raquel Rodriguez-Fadraga
New Heights Art Supply

New Heights Art Supply will provide quality materials from a brick-and-mortar location within the burgeoning Riverview Arts District. We will champion local artists and makers and provide display and sale space, as well as host events. We want to be an invaluable part of the community.

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